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Tracking employee hours for accurate payment is the most important for clear view of accounts. To avail this concise view Free Timesheet Template is compulsory. This timesheets offer understanding of productivity and the cost of running your business. Timesheet makes it possible to quote accuratelycosts for contracts and projects to business’s clients.

The employee timesheet is simple to use, and easy to understand,  that’s why there are better chances of recording actuals hours work; and in turn, paying employees exactly. Free timesheet template is the best option for avoiding extra costs and recording exact costs.

Features of Free Timesheet Template

Employee details

Free excel timesheet template multiple employees has employee name; phone number of employee and email id of employee for full personal record and contact details.

Manager name

There are many managers in one company. So full and exact record of employee the manager name also mentions for later reference to check the work and performance of employee.

Free Timesheet Template

Department name

A typical small or medium sized enterprise has a number of departments. Mention the name of department for easy record and preparation of other reports.Department name makes it easy to invite team members to departments or groups, form pay rates and change the strategy at any time to include or reduce specified team members.

Period date

Timesheet template mentions the period start date and period end date to complete the full record day by day.

Total workweek hours

Free timesheet template has total work week hours mentioned to check the productivity and availability of the employees of department.

Total hours worked

Total hours worked calculated on free timesheet template to record the hours worked efficiently and effectively. It also uses to calculate the exact payment for each employee.

Actual hours – Free Excel Timesheet Template

The total hours which worked by each employee is mention on timesheet. Actual hours and overtime hours are also display separately; and calculates as both have different payment rates. It also helps in to assess how many staff is needed? Or how much overtime work is need to complete a project timely.

Overtime Hours

Overtime hours are calculated in timesheet and mention separately to check the performance and full cost of each employee. This time rate is also different and more. So for exact calculation apply overtime rate to overtime hours is for the exact calculation of the payment of employee.

Time in

Daily time in of the employee is mention on the report to check actual time worked by employee and efficiency of the employee. Also Get Weekly Timesheet Template.

Time out

Time out of daily of full week is also mention separately to record and to check that every employee is working properly. Also available at their work in their work time.

Lunchtime – Employee Timesheet Template

Daily time required and consumed by each employee for lunch or tea break also mentioned for full record of exact work time of employee to check its performance and to calculate the exact pay amount of employee and to avoid the wastage of time of employees.

Free-timesheet-template.xlsx (19 downloads)

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