Weekly Timesheet Template Excel

Weekly Timesheet Template Excel

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Weekly Timesheet Template Excel is a best way to help companies and their employees in recording and monitoring the exact amount of work hours weekly and bi-weekly. For every company, it is very significant to track employee time to check and manage better productivity and also to stay in your budget. In some companies employees salary is reliant on the hours work. For those companies weekly timesheet template is very important for both, company and employees, to avoid any confusion on the amount payable.

The weekly and bi-weekly timesheet offers a visual view to represent the hours which are regular, overtime, sick, vacation, holidays and others. The chart which you can make in weekly timesheet template is easy to use; understand and assess the efficiency of the employee.

Features of Weekly Timesheet Template Excel

Time theft occurs every day and is a serious problem in all businesses for losing the extra money. Time tracking is complex, but to manage the timesheet template is important. This timesheet template does not make profits for you, but helps to increase your profitability.

Weekly Timesheet Template Excel

Department name

It shows the employee’s department name, that the employee belongs to in working for the company.

Employee ID

This is a unique ID related to each employee. It is mentioned in weekly timesheet template. It is used later to check the performance and cost of the employee to make budget or assessment for company’s performance.

Employee name

The main component in body part of weekly timesheet template is the name of the employee. Weekly timesheet template is separate for each employee to check the performance and full record

Employee phone No.

It is mentioned to make it possible to contact the employee urgently, on work site, if required.

Employee Email

The timesheet template has email ID of employee for record and communication the documents to employee.

Managing via Excel Weekly Timesheet

Timesheet template has a component to mention the manager name, whom the employee reports his work.

Week Commencing

The date of the day which would be the first day of commencing the work and all the days to whom the report belongs to.

Total hours Work

The table in the weekly timesheet template shows the day wise facts of hours consumed and worked. The several time categories are being use to record and track time properly, such as regular hours, overtime, sick, vacation, holidays, etc. Total time can calculate automatically on timesheet. The timesheet template also helps to calculate the total pay for the week of each employee. The hours worked and hour rates are specified and the weekly timesheet template use the formulas to calculate the gross pay.

Pie Chart Template

Below the information columns, there is a pie chart option that shows the percentage hours spent for. The chart shows the net total hours and the gross pay of each employee received for the week.

Payslips – Weekly Timesheet Template Excel

You can simply print the time tracking sheet, sign it and forward it to the manager for approval. The timesheet template makes recording, tracking of time and generating the pay slips easy, more fast and simple to make.

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